Advanced Trauma Counselling

With Dr. Russ Irwin


The Need

Our world is searching for emotional healing. Recent studies have shown that trauma-related issues are up over 5,000 percent! This is an alarming statistic


Our Mission

To help bring about Transformation and Emotional Health in peoples lives empowering them to live fully alive, happy, productive lives.


Defining Trauma

There is a great deal of misunderstanding around the term trauma. Traumatic events can be difficult to define because the same event may create a different meaning and emotional outcome for different individuals. A more traditional definition of trauma is challenging emotional consequences that living through a distressing event can have for an individual affecting their sense of safety, sense of self and difficulty in managing relationships.

Although traumatic events that occur early in life are painful and often debilitating, the long term affects later in adult years can linger and be devastating since long after the event has occurred, the underlying feelings of guilt, hopelessness and shame may continue to linger impacting our overall happiness, performance and fulfillment in life

Knowing The Facts

Only 20 percent of what is stored in our brains actually comes out through our thoughts, our conscious awareness. Trauma however, emotional stress, habits, and other sensory experiences are stored at a deeper level where it is left unprocessed. The problem is the impact and or damage caused by the traumatic event can at any time through out our lives be triggered and re-surface creating problems in many areas of our lives causing us to feel vulnerable and powerless.

Gotta Know

Helping individuals breakthrough the many barriers created by Trauma Advanced Brain Spotting has proven to help individuals reprocess negative events and retrain emotional reactions. Brainspotting is a powerful therapy for healing from PTSD, trauma, performance anxiety, stress, depression, panic attacks, difficulty in concentrating and many other psychological issues., BrainSpotting has also been very well received in enhancing individual and work team performance and is utilized by many athletes both individual and team as well as Corporations