Dr. Irwin talks about current times and coping with trauma

4 October 2020

With the extreme uncertainty being experienced in our world, the traumatic residual affects on individuals and businesses has sky rocketed. The good news, there is hope, there is an answer for the traumatic residue that is holding you back.

The thing about Trauma is that its strength and negative impact is reinforced by it being sandwiched, stuck between fear on both sides. What I mean is, fear often produces trauma through the meaning we give to the event. It’s not always the event that negatively impacts us, but the meaning we give to it and that meaning is often created by and/or reinforced by our history. As fear accompanies, or results from an event we then experience trauma. However, when we are traumatized we are more easily susceptible to and triggered by fear. So now we have the fear before the trauma and fear after the trauma.

This now present fear that is surrounding us on all sides often creates intense bouts of anxiety which is simply a chemical reaction within the brain to a heightened state of fear. So now along with the events, the fear and the trauma we also have anxiety, panic and in many cases depression as a result of our system being worn down over time. All this begins to hinder the Default Mode Network (DMN) in the brain and the Anterior Cingulate Cortex so now our ability to find solutions to problems, creativity, pleasure, and performance are greatly reduced.

Add to this that research has shown that much of social media which people often turn to as a form of relief triggers in humans what is known as the Comparison Factor increasing jealousy, envy and depression creating what is termed “The Disinhibition Effect" and the “Offended Self” which now in turn deepens our level of trauma and causes us to ‘Close Off” when what we are truly needing is to step into trust, and relationship which help to facilitate healing. This is what we see in the case of the older brother in the story of the Prodigal Son. The brother became closed off, curtained and walled, and therefore unable to receive the Father’s generosity. He stayed outside the party Crowding himself off from the Fathers gift and celebration. This has become the hidden danger of epic proportion in our society.

No wonder Trauma related issues have increased 5,000% while Cancer related issues rose 30%. We have to deal with our unresolved and hidden traumas. I know this personally as I saw how failing to confront my own traumas, my fears and my personal history greatly enhanced my own push for survival and the need to self protect at any cost. The walls I built to self-protect became the same walls that imprisoned me.

We cannot recover from what we're unwilling to uncover. We are in desperate and yet equally beautiful times as we are being invited to step into healing, to courageously and boldly embrace honesty, authenticity and reclaim our lives. It is truly a time for us to deal with and clear out the internal debris. When we fail to clear away the roots, they return and harm any growth